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Site staff so sweet they can’t be beet!

Posted on October 22, 2015 by Vauxhall Advance

I write this to make a mention of the staff at the Vauxhall Beet Dump.

As everyone is likely aware, the Sugar Beet Harvest 2015, has been well underway for a couple of weeks now. Thou’ the weather has been milder then usual (good for the workers, not so good for the beets), the hours were only occasionally shortened due to heat.

This has been my second stint at hauling. I were like to express a bit of public recognition, and appreciation for the consistently friendly, helpful and in general, wonderful team spirit of the Beet Dump staff, whether during daylight hours or under the moon and stars of the night shift. Directions and guidance given with a smile, wave or a thumbs up. This is true team spirit of the best kind. Not about competition but camaraderie. Support and empathy for each other, fellow staff and haulers alike. I could glimpse it in the interaction between staff shift changes also, as one group finished and one began. All meeting in the weigh scale building. Heart warming and uplifting to see. A pulling together to get a job done, reminiscent of the farm harvests from times past. A sense of community and fellowship and an especially pleasant reflection of Vauxhall’s character.

The atmosphere doesn’t just happen tho’, it is created and when it is, it is a top down process, not a bottom up. That is why a mention of manager Gerhard Wall is due, for setting the tone and leading by example. A ‘well done’ to you!

To sum up. Let’s just say… you will meet some of the nicest people… at the Dump.

Allan Cameron

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