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Council approves community improvements

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Vauxhall Advance

By Cole Parkinson
Vauxhall Advance

Vauxhall town council has approved to move forward with a couple of improvements around the community.

At their meeting on Sept. 6, council agreed to extend a lot length on 4th Street in order to mirror the opposing lot of the east side of the road.

With the two lots currently being different sizes, the town was recommended to build them both the same size and the council seemed to agree that it would be the correct thing to go after.

“Everyone I’ve talked to wants bigger lots so that’s a perfect opportunity to get a longer lot because we can’t use the land for anything else,” said Martin Kondor, councillor for the Town of Vauxhall.

One of the issues discussed with this recommendation is a power line that would need to be moved in order to get the job done.

The board didn’t seem to think it would be a huge deal as they have room to relocate the power line.
“The one thing is we would have to pay to move our power line because it comes right over the back end so it kind of falls in right where an alley would be but that doesn’t mean you have to put the alley there,” said Kondor.

One of the biggest reasons for the need expansion of the east lot is trying to draw interest in the empty lot but if one is bigger than the other, the town council believes that the larger area will be looked at more heavily.

“Build both the same and then we’ll get to compare which one everyone wants more, if you have two different sizes the west side is 20 or 30 feet longer we have land there and can’t fit anything else in there and when you sell them you will see what everybody is after, if everybody wants the bigger lot because they talk about it all the time,” said Kondor.“I know I would buy the big one.”

Another development for the Vauxhall community was the discussion of an addition of a water line and sprinklers to the Vauxhall cemetery.

During a Vauxhall Cemetery Committee meeting on Aug. 17, a motion was made to move forward with the committee and the town would share costs for an extension of the sprinkler line on the east perimeter of the cemetery to aid in the care of the trades and for watering around the columbarium.

Another motion was then passed for the committee to donate $2,000 towards the water line and sprinklers.

Town council had a chance to get into the details at their meeting and they seemed in favour of proceeding with the plans that the Vauxhall Cemetery Committee put forward.

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