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Do it, to it! Stop the insanity — keep COVID at bay

Posted on April 15, 2021 by Vauxhall Advance

One doesn’t necessarily want to beat a dead horse, but the message doesn’t seem to be getting across Alberta, Canada and throughout the globe. Nobody wants another lockdown, shutdown or stay-at-home order put in place — unfortunately, that could be a once again grim reality in the coming weeks if southern Albertans don’t smarten up. To be blunt — TAKE COVID-19 SERIOUSLY! This is not a joke or conspiracy — no matter what social media platform, fake news or misinformed pundit(s) one follows.

Enough is enough — that’s what many in Alberta are saying about the government’s clamping down with new regulations and restrictions, including a group of disgruntled Alberta MLAs.

Guess what? The government wouldn’t have to treat southern Albertans like little children, if southern Albertans followed the recommendations for ALL of us to get out of this more quickly — alive and without too many casualties. But, like in any society, rules get broken and the rest of the population has to pay the price for one’s basic stupidity and/or carelessness, selfishness and disregard for fellow human beings.

Why are rules and regulations put in place? Well, it is generally to keep everyone in a populace on the same playing field and to keep chaos at bay. It isn’t meant to trample on rights or tell one what to do or how to live one’s life. Rules and regulations are simply created and implemented to keep one safe from harm’s way, according to those that know what they are doing (it is hoped).

Sure, there may be the odd occurrence when rules and regulations are not the best or convenient or might be ill-advised, at times. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the previous rules and regulations recommended at the start of this monster in 2020 seemed to work (for the most part) when said rules and regulations were followed and not questioned at every turn, by some. Was it perfect? No. Mistakes were made and the world, as a whole, is learning and hopefully evolving.

Everybody wants to live life like it’s 1999! The dawn of the new millennium. Sure, there was Y2K and all of that, but a global health pandemic wasn’t affecting each and every aspect of one’s life like it is in 2021. It’s downright scary, in all actuality. But, there are of course, non-believers — it’s odd, but real and makes one shake their head. There are educated individuals in today’s society that believe in questionable doctrines, but somehow don’t believe science and the idea COVID-19 is a reality and is crippling life, as we know it.

People are angry, frustrated, frightened, in denial, reluctant to listen to health orders and simply, burnt out. But, once again, it is up to ALL Canadians to step up to the plate and offer a helping hand or arm (for a vaccine) to infiltrate and annihilate this enemy called COVID-19. A virus that has no bounds and is indiscriminate in its actions. Be brave and stand tall with the gumption to say farewell and good riddance to a pandemic that has left a legacy we all would soon forget.

To reiterate, none of us like wearing masks on a daily basis to and fro — but we do. None of us enjoy staying at home during holidays and not seeing loved ones — but we do. It’s going to be a long haul, waiting on vaccines and having the majority of Canadians vaccinated, at the current rate.

What that means is, Canadians need to hold the line and continue to be proactive, understanding, adaptable, courageous and able to collaborate with other Canadians to get through this blip in history.

We do it because we care and it’s the right thing to do. Morally, it takes a village to raise a healthy populace — young and old.

This editorial originated in the Taber Times.

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