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Student campaigns Vauxhall council

Posted on February 20, 2015 by Vauxhall Advance

By J.W. Schnarr
Vauxhall Advance

Vauxhall council supports efforts by Vauxhall High School to promote the successes of their junior high school sports program.

During their regular meeting on Feb. 2, Vauxhall council addressed a request Mayor Margaret Plumtree personally received by email involving a project underway to build a separate sports trophy cabinet from senior high students in order to support and promote the successes of junior high sports.

“It was an email I received from a student directly, it wasn’t a teacher or a parent,” said Plumtree. “It was the student themselves.”

Coun. Christie Sorensen said not enough is currently being done to promote junior high athletics at the school since the re-design several years ago.

“They used to have some junior high cases in there but they sort of got pushed aside,” she said. “I don’t think there’s any junior high trophies in there. Or not enough. And there should be.”

“I have no problem supporting this,’ said Deputy Mayor Richard Phillips. “I think it’s great the kids are taking some initiative. And the junior high (children) matter, too. It’s not just about the kids who are going to be drafted into major league ball.

“By why on earth doesn’t the school cough up a few bucks to make a trophy case for the junior high kids to put their trophies in?”
Sorensen said the existing trophy cabinet is very large, and there should be room for all. This has not proven to be the case, however.

“Senior high school is what’s in there,” agreed Plumtree. “If you’re in junior high you’re a second-rate citizen.”

“It shouldn’t be like that,” said Coun. Linda English.

Coun. Martin Kondor said the problem of overcrowding the trophy case at school is a similar issue he’s seen at the rink, and it isn’t necessary for every trophy every team wins to be placed in a trophy case.
“I’m sorry, but… you should give it to the kids who won the trophy,” he said. “If you win provincials or you win your zone, put that on the wall in your gym. To me, that suffices. If you want every little tournament trophy displayed, you’re going to end up hoarding.”

Sorensen said overcrowding in the case has been an issue in the past, as senior teams have been reluctant to leave out any trophies or medals earned during the course of the year.

“Every one goes in,” she said. “Even if it’s consolation. We tried to say, ‘Why not just put in your first (place trophies) in there’, but they want to put everything in. I can see why the junior high’s want their fair share.”

Plumtree said she brought the issue forward because she was impressed with the initiative shown by a local student.
“I was just so impressed that it was a student who emailed directly,” she said. “It wasn’t a teacher, and it wasn’t a student. I respect that.”

Following discussion, council motioned to support the project by providing a $50 grant to go toward the completion of a new trophy case for junior high sports.

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