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Outdoor living welcomes exciting new gear

Posted on September 2, 2021 by Vauxhall Advance

By Stan Ashbee
Vauxhall Advance

It doesn’t really matter if Bigfoot or Mothman is lurking in the woods or if you are bombarded by rain, sleet, snow, wind and/or the like — especially if you are well-prepared and have a Zenbivy to protect you from the elements — brought to you inconveniently at times by The Great Outdoors.

It’s as if the fates have answered the calls of the wild for a product that has to be actually used to be believed. As the catchphrase goes, “Sleep in a bed, not a bag.” Fine words, for an even finer product for outdoor adventures in the wild or in your backyard. Zenbivy sleep systems do indeed deliver on the aforementioned idea — this bed is so many things rolled into one colourful “what have I done without you” adage. Kudos to the creators of this magnificent contribution to outdoor living.

“Zenbivy sleep systems are built like your bed at home — a sheet below you and a quilt above.” Yeah, it is.

“This design allows for the most comfortable night’s sleep in the backcountry — without the constriction from traditional mummy bags. Rest in any position you want — side, stomach, or back.” Preach on.

This extremely comfortable, very versatile and evolutionary sleep tsunami is indeed something one should pack when going camping, backpacking, for a simple sleepover or tucked away in the back of a vehicle, just in case. The comforts of home can be had with this magical piece of outdoor goodness — almost custom-fit for the novice or professional. Good on ya Zenbivy! It’s not often one can find the perfect solution to outdoor sleep’s often ugly nuisance of not getting a proper night’s rest.

But what about mosquitoes, which are often a southern Alberta nightmare for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages?

Well, Thermacell Repellants has you covered. These easy-to-use beauties are scent-free, have no spray and there’s no chemical repellents on skin, according to the company’s official website. So, it’s a win-win, except for the mosquitoes. And, there’s plenty of protection with each of the units’ specific protection zones. That’s pretty exciting, since summer nights are often ruined from all those pesky little blood suckers.

There’s portable Thermacell mosquito repellers, repellants for patios, lantern repellers and more. The products’ motto should be, “keep on keeping’ on” — because with these awesome units, a person can continue to do whatever it is they are doing outside, even when mosquitoes are out and about and on the hunt. The portable unit looks like something out of a “Star Trek” episode but it’s no “beam me up Scotty” — it’s more like, “Yes, yes, yes. Freedom,” as mosquitoes zip and zag far away in fear.

Canadian music legend Kim Mitchell sang it best, “our house had the biggest patio” and “we had patio lanterns.” If a fellow Canadian had a Thermacell patio lantern on their patio, they most likely wouldn’t have any mosquitoes ruining the mood and the party could carry on without mosquito-related incidents. That my friends, is a pleasantry one can have if a trusty Thermacell is at your side.

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