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Advance encouraging stories of hope and human spirit during crisis

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Vauxhall Advance

As reported cases of the pandemic COVID-19 virus in the country continues to climb, it can have a way of dominating not only a news cycle, but the mind space of the citizenry with health and economic concerns.

That’s why the Vauxhall Advance wants stories of the human spirit in these trying times.

“We are all in this together and we just need a mental break here and there where COVID isn’t in a continual loop on our minds 24/7. While COVID-19 has fear of affecting one’s physical health, how it weighs on one’s mind can affect their mental health as well,” said Greg Price, editor of the Taber Times and Vauxhall Advance. “I’m sure there’s plenty of stories out there that can be told of how people are coping with this unprecedented event in as positive ways as they can.”

The Advance is encouraging any and all people’s life stories. Is there a favourite family recipe under quarantine that can stretch that family budget in tougher economic times? How are you handling education, be it home schooling/online? What games or activities are you doing with children to pass the time in self-isolation? Is everyone chipping in running the family unit/house with chores? Are you single and finding it hard being away from work and other family and friends where you are self-isolating with no other company?

Tips for social distancing or self-isolating in fighting cabin fever and depression for your mental health. Maybe there is movie or music play list suggestions to fill the day. Thoughts on how the government is handling the situation or maybe a warm story of an essential service worker you would like to give a tip of the hat to.

“Story ideas are endless and deserve to be shared so that we can have that connectedness we have lost as a society since the world went into lockdown over the Coronavirus. And in that, maybe we can find some time to smile by seeing all the unique stories out there of how we are coping for the better,” said Price, adding pictures of family spending quality time together in self-isolation are encouraged for the publication.

If you would like to submit pictures or a positive/uplifting story of how you or someone you know is handling the COVID-19 crisis, you can submit them to

Or if you feel more comfortable doing a phone interview, you can try and arrange a time by texting 403-393-3226. Reporters are working at home or have revolving schedules in the closed office so as to practice social distancing as much as possible while still delivering a paper to the public that they can pass the time with while on lockdown.

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