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Advance welcomes new Youth Employment Program student

Posted on October 7, 2021 by Vauxhall Advance

By Mason Workman
Vauxhall Advance

Hello, to start I am Mason Workman and I am a graduate from W.R. Myers High School this year. I am currently 18 years of age and was born in Lethbridge and I grew up in Taber. Some of my main interests are a few sports, such as lacrosse and baseball. I also have a huge passion for music and art because I often do both at the same time. I do a lot of acrylic paint based art projects, with a few occasional pastel drawings in black and white. With my passion for colour and imagery comes my interest in photography.

I joined the YEP program in August and learned so much about what interests me. And that’s why I’m looking forward to my current job placement under the YEP as a photographer and reporter for the Taber Times/Vauxhall Advance.  I’m currently working on a few art projects at the moment which includes work with acrylic coats and pours. I also really enjoy being active and being outside doing something, whether it’s a sport or just going for a walk. I am someone who looks at a parks scenery and starts to paint a picture of it in my mind. I love that I am a visionary person because it lets me communicate with people in a creative way.

I am a firm believer that you can communicate a message to someone just as well with a picture, as long as the elements in the picture express the emotion. I often walk around my area and look at all the parks and fields, because I always see an image in real-time I want to capture. I love exploring and especially discovering. Though I haven’t gotten the opportunity to take many pictures over the past year due to COVID-19.

I really want to explore the concept of photography in more depth. I’m very active as well, so I am looking forward to going hiking and exploring as much of this fall season that I can before winter. I have a skill for patterned work and hobbies — I love something I can do somewhat the same each time. Because then I apply that into the way I carry out day to day tasks.

Even though I’m no book writer, I am also very good at writing and always had a natural talent for writing essays or typing out blogs. I don’t want to say I am a perfectionist, but I do enjoy putting sentences together because there is an art to sentence forming, so that it is sharp and fluent.

I especially enjoy reading over certain verses out of an essay or story of mine or someone else’s, because I love the way it sounds. It is assuring when you can read over a document of yours and see that everything is laid out in a way that not only communicates the message well, but looks phenomenal to you.

I also love travelling and dry hiking (hiking off-trail). Whenever I go camping, I always do at least a little bit of dry hiking, because in my mind it is an opportunity to explore the unexplored and possibly find something really cool. It also helps me when I have things on my mind, to go for a walk somewhere that I haven’t seen a dozen times, because sometimes it takes a change of scenery to get back into the play of things. So that is a little bit about what I am into, and who I am, but there are plenty of ambitions I have that I haven’t yet pursued such as mastering the electric guitar.

I am really looking forward to taking pictures because it is something I could relate to for some potential art projects as well.

I’m looking forward to keeping everyone informed on upcoming events scheduled for Taber and the area as well, because I believe it is important especially right now, to keep busy doing something, whether that is going to a party or going to the movies. I’m looking forward to the experience and I also can’t wait to learn a few things I didn’t before.

I enjoy learning new things, as long as they relate to my interests. For me, it is a way to make something new out of what has already been taught. As I said before, I enjoy going to other cities/towns to simply see what’s going on. I hope to see events everywhere, especially in smaller towns/hamlets because not only would they make amazing photos, it would potentially empower other small communities to do so as well.

That is what I hope to see in this world as a visionary, and I hope with this job placement I can expand that vision or at least capture some breathtaking photos to represent that.

I really am looking forward to seeing all of my photos and comparing them all to see which ones I might have done a bit better in and which ones I could maybe improve. Like I said with my personality, I love everything sharp and neat, so I’m aiming for that with my photos as well. With that said, I don’t believe there is such thing as a “bad” picture, but certain pictures do have a clearer and almost sharper appearance.                                         

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