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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on February 26, 2024 by Vauxhall Advance

By Samantha Johnson
For Southern Alberta Newspapers

February 20, 1883 – Brandon Daily Mail

A fire broke out in the early hours of the morning at the rear of Noble and Follis Furniture Store in Emerton, Manitoba and made considerable headway before being discovered. The Broughton Hose Co. turned up promptly, but owing to leakage in the tanks, the water soon gave out. Consequently, the engine had to be removed to the river. The Burnham block was unable to be saved by this point and multiple buildings were lost.

In Kingston, Ontario, an unsuccessful attempt was made to crack open the vault at Cataraque Cemetery, where there were about fifty bodies awaiting burial.

A large number of letters and other documents were stolen when burglars managed to enter the post office in Burlington, Ontario.

In Montreal, police have revealed that a clue has been discovered in the murder of the night watchman in Morey’s livery stable four years ago.

February 17, 1911 – Coleman Miner

The health inspector is currently here and has been visiting the shacks lying West of town on 2 Street. All were found to be in an unsanitary condition and dangerous to the public health of the community. Six men were found living in shack No. 73, all occupying a single room as both sleeping and living space. Many of the shacks were found to be filthy and some had privy seepage underneath the dwelling area.

Councillor Clark put forward the motion that the Fire Chief be relieved of his duties and the position be combined with that of the Police Chief. Holmes recommended the dual appointment be accepted. After an hour and a half of discussion, the matter was unresolved. At several times, a number of councillors looked pugnacious, but no hostilities occurred. There is now a feeling among the council that the current Fire Chief will retain his appointment and Corp. Hall will be appointed chief of police.

A few of the young men in Hillcrest took in a dance at Blairmore last Friday evening and returned home without accident. The roads in the Pass are fairly good right now, eh!

February 18, 1915 – Oyen News

In local news, the paper would like to correct a mistake made in the last edition. The advertisement for M. Otto Smith from Excel should have read one gallon of corn syrup for 80 cents and not four gallons.

Jack Senrff and his dog were visitors in town last Tuesday and Wednesday to the consternation of the local quadrupeds. No fewer than 13 fights were recorded.

The various armies have had to organize psychopathic wards in which to care for soldiers driven insane in the trenches and it is believed many of them will remain a patient for the remainder of their lives. Here is a phase of modern warfare that writers of melodramatic accounts of heroism will have to avoid. It isn’t a pretty thing to write about, and it is really dramatic.

Pedro Chapa, a Mexican aviator who has just returned after four years in Europe, says France is building a fleet of aircraft and will invade Germany in the spring. Hundreds of armoured biplanes, each carrying a small cannon and bombs, along with numerous monoplanes, equipped with bombs and steel darts, will be ready to sweep across the German frontier once winter is past.

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