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Shields touches on the end of 2022 harvest

Posted on October 20, 2022 by Vauxhall Advance

By Ian Croft
Vauxhall Advance

With harvest now coming to an end, farmers are collecting the last of their crop yields from the fields as they prepare to batter down for the winter. During this period of time, Martin Shields MP for Bow River, reflected on this year’s harvest in general across the riding.

“You know, as I’ve been around the riding — in Taber, for example, it looks like we’re sort of wrapping up the agricultural sector with the potatoes and sugar beets,” said Shields. “What’s left out there, in the sense of a little bit of canola left, but by in large, the harvest season has been pretty well wrapped up. That’s very positive — the harvest season has been a pretty good year this year in the sense of being able to get out there. We haven’t had snow, we haven’t had rain in the sense that we could get stuck in the field. For the most part, what I hear when talking with people around the riding in the ag sector, it’s been a pretty good harvest season. That’s a good thing when people can get out there in the ag sector and get those crops off the ground, keep them harvested, get them in, get them stored, and for sale — that’s a good thing.”

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