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Put a little love in your heart (and some food in someone’s belly)

Posted on December 5, 2019 by Vauxhall Advance

Food, everybody needs it to survive. Some can barely make ends meet each and every paycheque and require a little bit of compassion and assistance for their family to eat.

Food banks provide families with much-needed sustenance in a time of need. The idea of poverty and needing a helping hand from time to time doesn’t know it’s a holiday, so it is very important to help food banks be stocked up and at the ready for when someone in the community needs it. Even if your community doesn’t have a food bank, maybe there is a community that has one, that could use your help – especially this holiday season.

Lyrics say it best. “Think of your fellow man. Lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart.”

And the world will be a better place, indeed. “For you and me.” Of course, this classic song is from the movie “Scrooged” starring Bill Murray. A timeless tale of an old miser who changes his not-so-neighbourly ways and gives, which is the perfect gift for those who need it most. “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is beloved by young and young-at-heart. Many renditions of the holiday literary masterpiece has become a part of Christmas – present, past and future.

Giving is what the holidays are all about. Unfortunately, we tend to forget over the year that not all people have a robust financial state.

Maybe they have recently lost a job, or is a senior, or a young family just can’t make ends meet with one paycheque – there are many reasons a person or family might need to visit a food bank or require financial assistance to simply live. Times are tough, and they ain’t gettin’ any better.

There’s no reason why families should go without food in today’s day and age. It is 2019, but families still rely on food banks and outside help just to exist. It sometimes isn’t living when someone doesn’t have enough food to survive and many people are reluctant to visit a food bank or ask for help because of their pride.

It simply sucks so many people in Canada and in southern Alberta need to visit food banks each month. It shouldn’t be.

Rich get richer and the rest of us just “get by.” Sure, there are many with money who will help out and give. And kudos to you. It’s not a hand-out Scrooge, it’s opening your heart and putting a smile on someone’s face – young or old. This holiday season, give to a local charity providing food to those in need, or give of your time and volunteer at a local or close by food bank. Families also need clothing such as socks, shoes, boots, winter coats, sweaters, mittens and the likes to keep warm during the southern Alberta cold winters.

Giving can be the greatest gift of all this holiday season. And families will thank you and they will be so appreciative. Remember – a neighbour, a family member or friend could be only one paycheque away from poverty and not having enough money for food to live. Be aware of those you come in contact with this holiday season. Listen, observe and perhaps help.

Southern Albertans are very generous. Let’s keep up with the giving, if possible.

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