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Life is riddled with complexities, conundrums and concoctions

Posted on August 12, 2021 by Vauxhall Advance

Common sense seems to have taken a back seat these days. Street smarts and book smarts have fizzled out, it would seem too — which isn’t good news for anyone.

Anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues have plagued the world because of the recent pandemic, other ills of society, lack of money, lack of employment, crime, family life, work life — and the list is too vast with varying degrees — one can’t fathom it all, really. You’re dang’d if you do and you’re dang’d if you don’t in 2021, or so it would seem.

Learned behaviours allow societal members to interact, mix, mingle, network and co-exist in the wacky world we live in — together, collaboratively, collectively, cohesively — sometimes. But, life happens, and we become complacent, less empathetic, more curmudgeonly — while we get set in our ways and common sense often falls to the way side.

Begrudgingly we accept our place in one’s bubble, and the rest of the world follows the same suit. Then, we grow old, wither and die — without remorse — right. Guilt-ridden, we saunter on through this so-called life, and we desperately try to fit in.

Our attempts at common sense go un-noticed, but we try and try again, don’t we?

Society is riddled with many complexities, conundrums, crazy concoctions, sinister motives, villainous vile notions and actions — but, there are times when society takes a deep breath and takes a time out, and its members show compassion, become sincere, offer thanks and will do good deeds.

Remember, “it can’t rain all the time.” This phrase makes a lot of sense from the classic film The Crow. But, another line from the movie rings true, also  — “victims, aren’t we all.”

We are often victims of our very own circumstances throughout life, it’s how we act, react and or deal with it, that makes us great or not so great. But, it’s not always that simple, in all reality.

Life is to live — this is true, while we trek through many obstacles to crawl out of the pit and rinse and repeat. Common sense is once again an attribute worth striving for, especially when your very life could depend on it. Like it or not, we face our own demons and have to take a good look in the mirror, from time to time.

Today, is a new day. Tomorrow may never come. Seize the day and all that jazz.

If one uses common sense, believe it or not, life may become more easier to navigate, even more manageable. But, maybe that’s just a pipe dream.

Or could common sense be the answer to one’s or life’s many quandaries?

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