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Pumpkin spice is in the air — that means fall is just around the corner

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Vauxhall Advance

It’s quite refreshing to see fall decor, pumpkin spice coffees, back-to-school supplies and Halloween-related merch starting to hit the shelves at local marketplaces. Why you may ask? Because it’s been one hot southern Alberta summer and fall will hopefully cool it off. Many will scoff at the idea of Halloween already being marketed, but it will soon be ’tis the season — like it, or not.

August is coming to an end, and many southern Albertans were able to celebrate at a variety of local events held throughout the region. Southern Albertans sizzled during the month’s never-ending heatwaves. And some southern Albertans even travelled abroad to get away from it all, or had a staycation — while checking out their own backyard. Fall is coming, and it is good — really good. But that depends on who you ask. Some might not be ready to say goodbye to summer, while others accept this seasonal transformation and will usher it in with bells on.

Before you know it, the white and fluffy stuff will be falling from the sky. Temperatures will dip below zero — as we trade in shorts, T-shirts, sunscreen and flip-flops for parkas, gloves and mittens, scarfs, snow boots and the like. Say it isn’t so. Winter dreams and frozen smiles will soon be our collective destiny, unless November, December and the other cooler months are warmer and less blizzardy. Who knows. Each year is a gamble. One should really bet on the weather conditions each season. Oh, the weather outside may be frightful, but it could also be dry, bitter and without the cold wet stuff. Do you remember some Christmas morns where one could wear a T-shirt outside, crazy, yes it is. But, it has happened. Strange days.

If you’ve been to some of the city stores lately, it’s beginning to smell a lot like fall with pumpkin spice or other spice-related aromas tempting the senses with its goodness. Sometimes open houses for homes for sale will pump out a fresh homemade baking cookies smell, which is supposed to tempt someone to spend $250,000 or more for a house because of cookies. But, it’s not that simple. It’s science. So, the same idea is used by other businesses to lure potential customers into their stores and/or purchase items just because something smells pumpkin-y. And, it usually works, for the most part. Last year, there was even a pumpkin spice Kraft Dinner that was available for a limited time. You do the math. Big money is made off of our collective sense and/or scents of nostalgia and reminiscing about the good old days.

For coffee-lovers, pumpkin spice lattes or peppermint mochas taste like Halloween/fall and the holidays, for the latter. It warms the cockles of one’s heart. So, this fall, sip and savour the flavours and what not of the season. Or don’t, if you’re not affected by this seasonal sensation. As summer fades, and fall takes hold, remember next July is just under a year away. Summer 2021 was indeed a unique specimen of scientific wonder with all that was going on throughout the world — some good, some bad and some bizarre, as per usual.

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