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False truths at the centre of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Vauxhall Advance

Yesterday, Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Today, Western countries fiddle while Ukraine burns. Why? Are we so afraid of a mad creature (I cannot call Putin a man) that we let it think it can do as it pleases to a neighbour? If we let it get away with the atrocities it has brought against a neighbour that was not a threat to it and its land in the least possible way, it will look on neither neighbour to destroy and subjugate — on and on.
Today’s leader of Russia has filled most Russians (not all) with false truths. Those that dare threaten or even question that supposed leader are eliminated. So, to survive, they follow the leader “into a version of hell.” Russian soldiers — look around you. You all have mothers, some of you even have wives and children. Is it them that you are slaughtering? No, it is not. And yes, you would fight to save your own — as do the Ukrainians.
Russian soldiers, where is your leader? Not on the battlefield for certain — no, it hides in a fancy palace, sits at a food-laden table, and sleeps under the finest linens in the arms of its mistress, and protected by a horde of brainless idiots. Putin, you have no halo or golden crown, but I dare say you carry a three-pronged fork — your horns are showing and growing, and flames emit from your body.

Frank Sekua, Taber

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