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M.D. council makes various capital purchases

Posted on February 14, 2019 by Vauxhall Advance

By Cole Parkinson
Vauxhall Advance

As par the course for every new year, the Municipal District of Taber is moving forward on several capital purchases.

This year, capital equipment Request for Proposals and Request for Quotes were given to equipment suppliers for submission for Jan. 11.

Council had an opportunity to discuss all pieces of equipment on the list during their regular meeting on Jan. 29.

The first was a half-ton crew cab truck for the director of planning and community safety officer which carried a budget of $60,000.

The only quote they received was from Legacy Dodge for a Dodge Ram 1500SLT at $43,260, though there would be additions to the truck including a light package which would be in the range of $5,000 to $15,000.

“As per the requirements we have for the CPO units because they are licensed to carry shotguns for part of their roles as community peace officers. The only truck that meets that requirement with side locking compartments are the Dodge Ram 1500SLT,” explained Jeremy Wickson, director of public works.

One council concern brought forward was around just having one quote.

“My only concern is there is only one quote on this,” said Coun. John Turcato. “There are a couple other Dodge dealerships in the area. I’m just wondering if we price checked that.”

Wickson stated they had only checked local dealerships and had not gone through any Lethbridge dealerships, though they could if council wanted to.

“This is comparable to what we paid in previous years and we bought one of these units for the Taber fire chief last year,” added Wickson.

Another issue council had was around the added cost that comes for the truck due to it being used for CPO duty, primarily the needed boxes for shotguns which can be used during animal calls.

Even with it being set up similar to the other CPO vehicles, it would primarily be used for the planning side.

“He may be called to assist during the day with a call, it has happened in the past. The vehicle would not be set up identical to our CPO trucks,” said CAO Derrick Krizsan.
Some on council questioned the need for the truck.

“I got a question whether we need that truck anyhow. If he’s not going to be having a shotgun all the time if we can’t just get a unit behind the seat to hold a shotgun in the event he may have to take one,” said Coun. Brian Brewin.

With council wanting more information, a motion to table the discussion was put forward and passed by a 4-3 vote with councillors Jen Crowson, Murray Reynolds and Leavitt Howg voting in opposition.

The Hays Fire Department had a wildland fire skid on the list which carried a $13,000 budget.

The only quote was from Wholesale Fire Rescue ($12,843) which Krizsan pointed out was due to the M.D. Fire Department wanting to standardize these particular units across all stations.

“I think we have seven of these currently,” he said, while he also pointed out there would be two others to replace after this one in Hays.

A motion to purchase was passed unanimously.

The hamlet and parks division was looking for one half-ton crew cab 4×4 with a budget of $40,000.

Quotes came in for a Chevrolet 1500LT (McDonald Chevrolet) at $41,333 and Ford F150XLT (College Ford of Taber) at $35,731.

“As far as half-ton crew cabs, they were bid out to Taber Ford, McDonald Chevrolet and Legacy Dodge. We only received quotes back from McDonald and College Ford of Taber,” said Wickson. “The price point on the fleet discount was quite advantageous. It is the first time in probably five years I have seen a truck come in under $40,000 as far as a half-ton.”

Administration’s recommendation was to purchase the Ford F150XLT with 2.7L V6 Eco-boost option.

The truck will be used primarily for travel between water plants in Vauxhall and Bow Island as well to regional water distribution sites in Enchant, Hays and Grassy Lake.

Council voted unanimously to purchase the recommended unit.

The ag service board had two different items submitted for the 2019 capital budget as well, the first being two roadside mowers.

With the purchase of two mowers, they were also afforded trade-ins on the two older mowers that we being replaced.

Quotes were submitted by Flaman Group of Companies (two Schulte XH 1500 Series 4 at $62,000) which carried a net cost of $30,000 with two trade-ins of $32,000, Western Tractor (two Degelman REV 1500 mowers at $66,000) at a net cost of $36,000 with trade-ins for $30,000, Alberta Ag Centre (two Schulte XH 1500 Series 4 at $68,950) at a net cost of $38,950 with trade-ins for $30,000 and Horizon Implements (two Schulte XH 1500 Series 4 at $79,000) at a net cost of $52,000 with trade-ins for $27,000.

A motion was made and passed unanimously to approve the purchase from Flaman Groups of Companies.

The final ag service board equipment on the list was a UTV sprayer.

Quotes were from Lethbridge Honda Centre (2018 Honda Pioneer SXS 1000 limited) which totalled $22,278 and All Season Cycle (2018 Honda SXS 1000 LE) which came in at $25,824.
“My question on this would be why is there only Honda on here? I believe there are a number of manufacturers including Kubota that would have something suitable or John Deere,” asked Turcato.

With that question, council made a motion to table the discussion until the next ag service board meeting to see if they could get more quotes.

The motion was passed unanimously.

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