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Council looking at speed bumps

Posted on August 1, 2019 by Vauxhall Advance

By Cole Parkinson
Vauxhall Advance

With speeding still being a major concern in Vauxhall, council is exploring opportunities to get people to slow down when inside town limits.

While more signage was discussed, council was more interested in potentially adding speed bumps at specific places around town, namely in playground zones.

Council was updated on two different methods of speed bumps they could go with during their regular meeting on July 16.

“We could put on asphalt ones if you want them permanent or go with rubber ones,” said CAO Cris Burns.

The two different options would lead to similar effects though durability was an issue when looking at rubber speed bumps.

Administration pointed to the fact they could be worn down if someone were to do a burnout on one, while a permanent asphalt one would be able to handle it much better.
“It all depends on how they are treated,” explained Burns.

Rubber speed bumps come in several different lengths and heights and are made of 100 per cent recycled rubber.

They are moisture, UV and oil resistant and can resist high-temperature variation.

The rubber speed bumps can also be installed fairly quickly and efficiently with minimal manpower.

“They are spiked into the ground,” stated Burns.

Council also realized there would be a number of concerns relating to these types of speed bumps though.

Whether it be from citizens or town-owned equipment, there could be a risk present with adding rubber speed bumps throughout the municipality.

“The grader operators will definitely need to know where they are at because a grader blade will rip them out pretty easily,” said Burns.

One councillor has had experience with these type of speed bumps and reception to them wasn’t overwhelmingly positive.

“I’ve had experience with two municipalities in this regard. One in the city of Grand Prairie and one in the town of Blackfalds and they didn’t last. The public complained about them and insurance companies complained about them because of the damage to vehicles,” said Coun. Ray Coad.

Council seemed more receptive to asphalt speed bumps due to their better durability and ability to be created to specific dimensions.

“I know of municipalities that have a more graduated bump, like Raymond for example. They have some bumps that are 10 feet wide and are a little less damaging to a vehicle but they do slow people down. They are a part of the road and a paved structure,” continued Coad.

Other councillors also highlighted some other municipalities that utilize asphalt.

“The City of Calgary makes widespread use of asphalt speed bumps in residential areas,” said Deputy Mayor Richard Phillips.

The Town of Nobleford was also pointed to as a town that constructed asphalt speed bumps within their limits.

The cost between the two varieties was also pointed to by administration.

The financial means to install rubber speed bumps was estimated to be higher than if the town built their own.

“If we do it ourselves it will be a lot cheaper. I’m not sure of the process, I’ve never made a speed bump but I’ll look into it,” added Burns.

Whichever route council decided to take, there was an opinion expressed that something needed to be done to help curb speeders within Vauxhall.

“I think we have to do something, minimum the playground areas. One of these days we are going to have a lot of regrets if we don’t do something. It’s just a matter of what we are going to do,” stated Mayor Margaret Plumtree.

A motion to investigate asphalt speed bumps and to speak with other municipalities on their experience with them was carried unanimously by council.

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