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Wildrose: Prentice PCs all in on $26-billion boondoggle

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Vauxhall Advance

Today, former PC energy and Finance minister Dr. Ted Morton exposed just how irresponsible the North West Upgrader (NWU) deal signed with PC cronies is, saying ,“What began as a low-risk, low-cost project to encourage domestic bitumen upgrading has morphed into a multi-billion dollar boondoggle with high risks for Alberta taxpayers.”

Dr. Morton, who has been warning Albertans about the dangers of government-sponsored diversity initiatives at the same time the Prentice PCs have started talking more and more about them, carefully explains how the PC government put taxpayers more and more at risk as obstacles to the NWU deal mounted.

Shockingly, taxpayers, “are now on the hook for $26 billion in processing payments,” according to Dr. Morton’s insider account.
In one of the Prentice PC’s TV ads currently running he says: “the hard truth is we need to spend less, save more, raise revenues now, and diversify our economy for the long term.”

Last week in the Globe and Mail, Prentice said, “Our energy revenue should be set aside for our children and put in the heritage fund. That fund should be used to do things that’ll accelerate our competitiveness, diversify our economy and make our universities and colleges stronger,” Globe and Mail Friday April 15

Prentice needs to come clean with Albertans. What is he going to do about this $26 billion NWU boondoggle? And when he talks about using the Heritage Fund for diversification, how do we know he’s not gambling our children’s future on more White Elephants for PC cronies?

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