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Health Canada wants to do what?!

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Vauxhall Advance

When people support teams and movements they respect and like, they often have stickers, flags and vehicle banners indicating those positive feelings.

If you live in southern Alberta, one would have to be totally blind and oblivious to the fact that is certainly the case for the Alberta NHL and CFL teams, local schools or service clubs. All positive, all extolling the virtues of their various club of choice.

The subjects are always popular, the big exception is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. If you go by the signs and window decals, Trudeau is as popular as a root canal without freezing to the point of dangerous and ridiculous statements.

However, those in southern Alberta feels abandoned if not picked on as various industries and means of financial success are under attack by the federal government. Hello: petroleum industry…

The words “feel”, “interpret”, “examine” and daresay “transfer payments” and “gas prices” feel undermined by affected Albertans.

While input costs have gone through the roof for those in agriculture, one of the federal government’s main agencies has now become part of the WTF (fudge) movement.

Health Canada has a proposal to put on a health warning label on ground beef because of high saturated fat.

To gauge public opinion, the Health Canada plan has been floated out there with predictable results.

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association was understandably and predictably livid. The CCA quickly created the protest website website asking people to sign a protest showing their displeasure about being singled out with a health warning.

In reality, what it equates to is making beef the equivalent of cigarettes. Eating beef?

So then are they going to put warning labels on bags of sugar? Health Canada better remind people sugar causes diabetes, obesity and pimples if consumed too much. Rogers sugar and all of the sugar beet growers in southern Alberta be warned.

Don’t forget potatoes and all of those potato chip, greasy French fries and heck all of the carbohydrates and starch. That can’t be healthy.

Health Canada better put labels on egg cartons for all of that cholesterol, every grape have a label with a pesticides warning and don’t get be started on pork and bacon.

Shall we discuss wheat and rye with all of the starches and gluten in bread, pasta and shudder various types of alcoholic beverages? Did you know onions can cause gas and bloating? Fresh mint is put into gum, which has sugar, that causes cavities?!

Oh the humanity.

The dairy industry should watch out because some cheese are high in calories and fat. Let’s not even talk about the dangers of ice cream. Making they can put labels on ice creak sundaes with chocolate sprinkles, sugar-free of course.

Yes, this all seems ridiculous, because it is. There isn’t anything with extremely unhealthy foods like processed cookies, baking, potato chips, candy, chocolate bars, sodas and a few years ago Tide-pods.

It seems like Health Canada needs to quit spending time on sending trial balloons on one of its boss’s highest grossing financially industries: agriculture.

After all, electric cars will only take the Ontario-hyper focused Liberals so far.

While it has been shown that consumers have proven over and over that they don’t read warning labels (cheezies, margarine, fireworks and those factory-produced, chemical-creme pastries still popular), all this does is make an industry angry, mistrusting and raises the ire of Western Canada which is already indicated with Trudeau hate flags and decals.

Health Canada should be examining all the new products out their in dietary areas and what the affects are on people. Yes, keep all industries honest and ensure they are following the rules, but no country has the warning labels they have proposed for hamburger. No such labels are on the bottles for the secret sauce or ketchup that goes on it.

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