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M.D. of Taber Oct. 29 council briefs

Posted on November 7, 2019 by Vauxhall Advance

By Cole Parkinson
Vauxhall Advance

The following are selected briefs from the Municipal District of Taber’s regular council meeting held on Oct. 29. 

Organizational Meeting

From the M.D. of Taber’s annual organizational meeting held before council’s regular meeting on Oct. 29, council decided on the positions of reeve and deputy reeve.

Merrill Harris was appointed as reeve by acclimation while deputy reeve went to Jennifer Crowson, who won the vote over Tamara Miyanaga, who formerly held the position.

Voting for positions at the organizational meeting are done by secret ballot as per the M.D.’s Nomination and Election Policy.

Administration Reports

General Corporate – On September 30, 2019, short term investments were $7,010,685.78 and made up of cashable guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), with interest rates ranging from 2.475% to 2.54%. Included in short investments is a restricted amount of $4,967,717 received from senior levels of government and held exclusively for capital projects. Property taxes levied in 2019 are $21,337,818.00. Current taxes outstanding on September 30, 2019, are $20,005,964.69, the rate of tax collections are expected to increase between Oct. 1 and Nov. 15, when we expect to have the majority of taxes collected. 

Hamlets and Utilities – Transmission lines to Enchant & Grassy Lake is complete. Repaired six curb stops and one mail valve in Hays. Repaired five curb stops in Grassy Lake. Removed yard hydrants due to the snowstorm. Replaced curb stop in Enchant due to leaking valve. Discharging the Enchant Sewer Lagoon and effluent samples have been sent away for water quality testing.

Public Works – Public Works grading and gravelling is working hard at restoring our roadways from the early October “Snowmaggedon” and subsequent damage to our wet, soft roads during this harvest. Our construction/shoulder crew is nearing completion of Range Road 16-5 (King Arthur’s Resort Road) and Range Road 17-3 (Hobberstad Oil) has been converted from an oiled road to a gravel road.

Sale of Land by Public Tender

The M.D. received the proceeds from the sale of the Sanling Energy Ltd owned Section 20-12-16W4 of $245,015.15 on Sept. 4 for an estimated amount of $20,000.00 which is being held in trust.

They received the title to the NW 20-12-18W4, valued at $528,000, as payment for the remaining outstanding 2018 taxes & penalties which results in an estimated $15,000 of 2018 tax arrears needing to be cancelled. 

M.D. residents and non-residents are eligible to submit tenders to purchase and the tender will be subject to a reserve bid go $500,000 ($3,125 per acre). 

The public tender opening will be held at 2:05 p.m. on Nov. 20 and all sealed tenders must be marked “Land Sale NW 20-12-18W4” and will be received at the M.D. of Taber Administration office. 

Council carried a motion to offer the land by public tender under M.D. conditions and guidelines. 

Taber and District Community Adult Learning Letter of Support

TDCALA was requesting a letter of support from council for their application for the Settlement, Integration and Language Projects grant. 

The program launched in Jan. 2018 and ‘provides supports for newcomers as they settle and integrate into Alberta’s society.’

The grant would go towards several different TDCALA activities including a comprehensive settlement needs survey, community information sessions, a multicultural education evening, culture corners and life stories exhibits.

The Grant has three streams and the TDCALA request would fall under the Building Community Receptive Capacity stream which is up to $300,000 for ‘projects that support municipalities, charitable and non-profit organizations and employers in small towns and rural communities to welcome, settle and retain newcomers.’

Council unanimously carried a motion to supply a letter of support. 

Oldman Watershed Council

The Oldman Watershed Council was looking for funding from M.D. council to the tune of $3,371.31 from the 2020 budget.

The M.D. of Taber had provided funding to the OWC since 2005 with the exception of 2015 and 2016. 

Funding is based on the number of residents and for 2020, the OWC is requesting $0.47 per resident which is up from $0.45 from 2019 which resulted in $3,227.85. 

Council carried a motion to move discussion to budget discussions. 

Street Wheelers Race Warz
After hosting ‘Race Warz’ at the Vauxhall Airport for the previous three years, Street Wheelers reached out to council to host the event again in 2020. 

The group was proposing the event go on Sept. 12, 2020, which would mean the airspace would need to be closed from 6 p.m. on Sept. 11 until 8 p.m. on Sept. 12. 

Council unanimously approved the request. 

M.D. Fire Department Sept. Report

Barnwell – fire 1 (10), MVC 2 (5), EMS / public assist 0 (2), false alarm 0 (1), insp/invest 0 (2), m/a calls 4 (25), Enchant – fire 0 (8), MVC 1 (2), EMS/public assist 1 (3), false alarm 0 (1), insp/invest 0 (0), M/A calls 0 (4), Grassy Lake – fire 0 (5), MVC 0 (3), EMS/public assist 0 (2), false alarm 0 (4), insp/invest 0 (0), M/A calls 0 (2), Hays – fire 1 (4), MVC 0 (3), EMS/public assist 1 (1), false alarm 0 (1), insp/invest 0 (0), M/A calls 0 (0), M.D. Regional fire 2 (52), MVC 6 (31), EMS/public assist 0 (4), false alarm 0 (4), insp/invest 2 (16), M/A calls 0 (3), Vauxhall Regional – fire 0 (16), MVC 5 (13), EMS / public assist 2 (14), insp/invest 0 (2), M/A calls 0 (7), total – fire 4 (95), MVC 14 (57)m EMS/ public assist 4 (26), false alarm 1 (16), insp/invest 2 (20), M/A calls 4 (41). 

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